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Interview with Carmel Sastre – a Psychic Chakra and Aura Energy Healer

Interview with Carmel Sastre - a Psychic Chakra and Aura Energy Healer

Carmel Sastre is a Psychic Chakra and Aura Energy Healer in Notting Hill, London, as well as in Spain and online. In this interview we talked about his innate healing abilities, the development of his psychic skills, energy healing sessions, as well as the way he connects with his clients.

When did you first realize that you have psychic abilities and how was your career developing after that point?

It started out when I was a child. I remember being very afraid of death and the night. When I was fourteen years old my grandmother was in a great deal of pain. I remembered the visions I had about the universe as I was putting my hands on her. The pain was released and removed. That was when I realized what I could do without any training or any instructions. At that time I felt the power I had in my hands. After years of research, studying, and practice, I created my own Energy and Spiritual Healing technique, registered as ChakraAura® which works with different sources of energy, such as the Earth, the Elementals and Cosmic Energy.

Carmel Sastre

Could you describe what your energy healing sessions look like?

The energy healing sessions start with welcoming and connecting with the person. It is important to have a talk with the person, to find out why he or she wants to have the session. I ask some questions and at the same time, I am visualizing and scanning the energy centers and the energy levels of the person. After this I work with the aura of the person, which is the magnetic field around the person, and the chakras which are the energy centers. The healing works by removing the negative energy out and putting the positive energy in.

From time to time I act as their guide through meditation. My energy healing is based on visualization. I identify the blockages within chakras and aura and cleanse them allowing the correct flow of energy. After the session, we talk about how the person feels and my recommendations in dealing with the problem the person has.

It is almost never a single session – it is similar when you go to the gym for a nicer body and build up muscles, you can’t do it in one day – it requires extensive work and training.

Carmel Sastre

Some of the psychic sessions are still performed in person. What about you? How is your work being affected by the pandemic?

I would say I have been affected a lot. Many people want face to face sessions, and even if you tell the people that it works online as well, they still want to have in-person sessions. Some of my clients don’t believe in energy healing that is performed at a distance. The fact of the matter is that this way of healing can be just as powerful, if not even more powerful. Students who learn my Energy Healing technique can see the power of it.

Carmel Sastre

What is the most important detail in maintaining a relationship of mutual trust with your customers?

You make connections with people by showing them love and respect. When you emanate this kind of energy, people trust you and feel safe. By accepting my clients this way, they will be able to disclose things that nobody else knows. When you are connected with all sources of energy, and you emanate positive and healing energy, the person feels secure. To be a healer means to feel, sense, scan, test, and then work according to the person, because the person is unique.

What do you love most about your profession?

What I love most about my profession is seeing the positive results. The way people are amazed by the way they sorted the problem that many doctors, psychologists and other kinds of alternative practitioners haven’t been able to sort out. After seeing a person being healed physically and emotionally, It makes me so grateful to the universe, for the gifts that the universe gave me. You can visit my website and see a few testimonials in videos and written Testimonials – Healing in London by Master Chakra Healer (